Are your products edible?

Though non-toxic, our products are not designed for oral consumption. 

My whipped body butter melted. What do I do!?

Don't panic. Refrigerate your butter for about 20 minutes. It will solidify. The texture will change, but the nourishing value remains the same.

The texture from this order is different from the texture of my previous order. Is that normal?

Though we try to maintain consistency as much as possible by using the same process for each batch, our natural ingredients were literally once living, breathing organisms. As such, they each have their own DNA and behavior patterns. Your precise textures will differ from one batch to the next, but should always be soft to the touch.


What is the shelf life?

The shelf life is approximately 12 months for most products (although we are confident you will finish it long before then). To help maintain the longevity of your products, we recommend storing away from heat and sunlight in a cool place.